Generate an embeddable Google Map for your website

Embedding Google Maps into a website is easy. Simply generate and copy the HTML embed code, then insert it into your web page.

Embed Google Map (No API Required)

Enter Address / Company Name:


Zoom Level


How to embed a Google Map into a website

  1. Enter your address or company name and then wait for the Google Map to update with the marker at the correct place
  2. Choose whether you prefer the satellite view over the standard Google Map view
  3. Select your preferred zoom level for the Google Map
  4. Adjust the width and height of the Google Map to your ideal size for embedding
  5. Click the "Generate Map Embed Code" button
  6. Copy the generated iframe embed code and paste it into your web page

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free? Do I require an API key to use this?

This is completely free to use and no, it's fully functional without API access and has been for years.

How can I make the Google Map fully responsive on my website?

This is the code that would need to be added into your CSS to make your Google Map fully responsive:

<style>iframe {width:100%;height:100%;}</style>

Why integrating Google Maps into your website is a smart decision

Adding a Google Map onto your website allows the visitors of your website to quickly establish how local your company is to them.

Should one of your website visitors be wanting to make their way to your company's office they can simply click on the Embedded Google Map to open it in the Google Maps app, saving them the time and hassle of having to manually search for your company's address.

Trustworthiness. Being able to see both the review rating and address of your company on the website reassures your website visitors that your company is more likely to be legitimate.